Spotlive 'Dresses' as Pornhub for Halloween

LOS ANGELES — Halloween is just around the corner, and countless goblins and ghouls will be dressed up in their scariest attire — while some partygoers will take the sexy route, dressing in sassy costumes.

Some companies will also get in on the act, including adult cam site Spotlive, which has decided to dress up as popular porn tube site Pornhub for Halloween.

“Last year, all eyes were turned to celebrities dressed up as other celebrities on Halloween. In the adult industry, Pornhub is the one and only website which should be considered as a ‘celebrity,’” explains a Spotlive spokesperson. “Owned by the company MindGeek, PH is the biggest, the most popular and surely the best-known adult site ever [so] it’s no wonder that in the porn industry all eyes are constantly turned to this giant.”

Spotlive looks forward to this Halloween prank and emphasizes the two websites are very different, with it being a European startup seeking to bring an innovative solution to what it calls “an outdated industry” by going against traditional concepts and business models to offer a new, fresh and better experience to users.

Spotlive CEO Jacob Michalak says the company wants to make adult websites sexy again, beginning by improving the overall design and user experience of adult websites and then changing the market.

“It’s not hard to notice that a large part of adult websites have one thing in common — overall ugliness. They’re badly-designed, filled with ads and annoying pop-ups. It’s not a pleasant environment to chat with others, watch them, flirt and enjoy the time. It simply makes you feel like a disturbed pervert because of all hideous visuals surrounding the site,” Michalak explains. “This is a popular stigma that we want to fight to make sex finally more social and perhaps also more mainstream.”

Spotlive’s Pornhub costume will debut on October 31.

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