PureTaboo.com Releases Part 1 of 'The Deflowering'

PureTaboo.com Releases Part 1 of 'The Deflowering'

MONTREAL — PureTaboo has debuted the first scene in its new series, “The Deflowering,” which is now available exclusively on the site.

The summary reads, “Piper Perri stars as a libidinous teen who is ready to lose her virginity to boyfriend Robby Echo, but when he is ensnared in a setup with three men (Small Hands, Johnny Goodluck and Mark Zane), the young Perri finds herself surrounded by predators looking to deflower her first… and second… and third…”

Director Bree Mills, who shot the provocative three-part series with Craven Moorehead, chose Perri, because she “perfectly portrays a vulnerable teen on the cusp of womanhood.” 

“When we were casting 'The Deflowering,' we wanted a talented actress who could convey panic, anxiety and desire in a fearless erotic performance, and Piper Perri was brilliant in the role,” Mills said.

“The Deflowering” is Perri’s second scene for the company; Perri starred in the family roleplay-themed “Fuck Me First Daddy.”  

“Piper is so popular that I can assure fans that they will be seeing much more of her in Pure Taboo’s films,” Mills concluded.

“The Deflowering” is an exclusive web-only release for PureTaboo.com members; production extras such as photos and a model/cast pages are available on the site as well.