XR Brands Expands CleanStream Enema Collection

XR Brands Expands CleanStream Enema Collection
Melissa Santana

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands is officially shipping brand new additions to its CleanStream brand, a collection of enema systems and intimate cleansing products “made for the modern consumer.”

CleanStream has introduced new silicone and aluminum cleansing systems and upgrades to classic units. Most famous from CleanStream are its shower-compatible accessories, and the brand has introduced two new systems made for “easy and convenient use.”

The Angled Enema Nozzle connects easily to most shower hose systems to provide the ultimate cleanse. Featuring a grooved handle, smooth aluminum body, removable tip and an angled shape that follows the user’s internal curves, the Angled Enema Nozzle is comfortable to use and easy to sanitize, as well as compatible with all types of lubricant, the company reported.

The company added that the Premium Silicone Enema Attachment Set contains two premium silicone nozzle attachments, each including a screw-cap for easy hose attachment. The smaller nozzle is tapered for easy insertion and comfortable penetration while the large nozzle features a long shaft and curved head to provide targeted pleasure and deep-cleaning.

Also new to CleanStream are three modern takes on the classic anal douche: the Premium One-Way Valve Anal Douche is compact and discreet with a slim nozzle; the Premium One-Way Valve Enema Douche features a curved, removable nozzle that can be easily unscrewed, flipped around and stored inside the bulb; and the Premium One-way Valve Anal Douche Set comes with three interchangeable tips. All three douches feature a one-way valve to reduce backflow.

And for fans of medical play, CleanStream also now offers the 150ml Enema Syringe, a new alternative shape with a tapered tip for comfortable and easy insertion, the company said. Users can fill the massive syringe with the perfect amount of almost any desired liquid and easily clean afterward using soap and warm water. Made of ABS plastic, the 150ml Enema Syringe is compatible with all lubricants.

“There’s nothing like CleanStream on the market and customers love that it’s a fully merchandised, packaged and marketable brand dedicated specifically to anal cleansing,” said XR Brands general manager Rebecca Weinberg. “Anal play is more popular than ever and cleansing before and after is an essential part of a healthy experience, which is why adult stores around the world are expanding inventory to include more than just traditional douches. Our silicone accessories, as well as our shower systems, remain a top-seller and we are excited to be shipping the newest additions to the CleanStream family.”

According to the company, CleanStream products are competitively priced and packaged in coordinating blue and white boxes with a fresh water motif, which merchandises beautifully together on a shelf or slatwall.

For more information about XR Brands, email info@xrbrands.com.