ManyVids Launches 'In Bed With...' YouTube Series

ManyVids Launches 'In Bed With...' YouTube Series

LOS ANGELES — ManyVids has announced the launch of its new YouTube Channel, MV Pop, as well as its “In Bed With…” series.

The new YouTube series features MV stars and celebrity guests in bed, answering a variety of sex questions. MV’s first guest is celebrity and activist Amber Rose. The star answered questions such as, “would you rather never kiss again or never give a blowjob again?” and "would you rather have the best sex of your life that lasts 45 seconds or have average sex that lasts 15 minutes?"

“Amber Rose is the owner of The Amber Rose SlutWalk, a non-profit event meant to promote gender equality and put an end to slut and body shaming,” said a ManyVids spokesperson. “ManyVids is delighted to partner with her as we continue to support women’s rights, social justice and the LGBTQ+ community.”

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