SXSW Panel to Feature Angie Rowntree, Dee Severe and Shine Louise Houston

SXSW Panel to Feature Angie Rowntree, Dee Severe and Shine Louise Houston
Melissa Santana

AUSTIN — The panel “Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” has been accepted to the SXSW 2018 Film program, which will feature insights from highly respected women directors Angie Rowntree (, Dee Severe (Severe Sex Films) and Shine Louise Houston (Pink & White Productions). Sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals will moderate the event.

According to a rep, each director on the panel represents various corners of professional erotica production. The discussion will focus on the importance of intertwining explicit sex with high production values and immersive narratives for total audience engagement.

Panelists will also discuss various social and cultural issues impacting adult content production today including safety standards, workplace ethics, representation and common misperceptions of porn.

“Porn is constantly engaged as a clickbait device, but very rarely do those invoking porn as an edgy proxy actually understand the intricacies of adult content production,” Rowntree said. “This is especially egregious when we’re talking about content made by women.”

Severe echoed Rowntree’s sentiments, “Directing fetish porn has been one of the best creative experiences of my life. Unlike the mainstream film industry, it's a medium where you can have nearly complete control of your project and where female directors are welcomed. Comedies elicit laughter, horror movies elicit fear — why should sexual pleasure be any less valid as a creative goal?”  

Regarding porn’s position in the greater filmmaking world, “I think people don’t take erotic films or porn or whatever you want to call it seriously. Even though we’ve been in film fests all over the country, people's reactions are too often a pat on the head, like 'Oh cute, you're just making porn,’” Louise Houston explained.

“We’re all very excited to bring critical, informed perspectives regarding adult entertainment to SXSW,” Tibbals said. “And we’re very grateful to the industry community who was so supportive during the selection and upvoting process. SXSW seeks to engage timely, relevant topics, and it’s thanks to a huge collective effort that we were able to convey that adult entertainment is, in fact, super socially and culturally relevant.”  

SXSW Film 2018 runs from March 9-18. The exact date and time for “Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” will be announced in early November. For more detail on SXSW Film 2018, visit