Mile High, Team Up for Bellesa Productions

Mile High, Team Up for Bellesa Productions
Melissa Santana

MONTREAL — Mile High Media and female-focused web startup have partnered to create Bellesa Productions, which it deems is female-powered.

The platform will offer original, female-friendly erotic content to adults visiting the site, the company reported.

Bellesa is seeking the online community’s direct input for Bellesa Productions’ content, promising to make their fantasies a reality. Users are invited to submit their desires to

“We believe this is an ideal marriage,” said Bellesa founder and CEO, Michelle Shnaidman. “An industry stalwart with a track record of producing some of the finest adult content meets a young, up-and-comer with their sights sets on building the next major online community for women. We are going to be fueling the Mile High Media engine with the ideas and desires of Bellesa’s community to create a product that is truly special in how it addresses the female market.”

According to the company, the new allies are a natural fit, bringing together Mile High Media’s years of respected experience creating ethical porn for women with Bellesa’s innovative approach to connecting women online with a safe space to celebrate their sexuality. 

Mile High Media’s vice president Jon Blitt commented, “When we met with Michelle and the Bellesa team we realized quickly the company’s mission to create a female led site to empower women was genuine, and it was evident they wanted to do things ethically. Our partnership was very organic. Mile High is happy to offer our years of experience in quality content production to their dynamic site. The new alliance puts action to words, confirming both our companies are focused on empowering women to enjoy porn, while ensuring it’s done strategically, utilizing our combined strengths.”

In addition to creating original content through their partnership, Mile High Media and Bellesa will also be working together to deliver accessible, licensed content to Bellesa’s community. The partnership seeks to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all content producers that are interested in working with Bellesa, large and small.

With the re-launch of Bellesa’s adult content platform, the site is committed to sending traffic back to the licensed content suppliers, encouraging sign-ups at the source and taking 0% referral for six months.

“Bellesa’s mission is to provide women with a safe space to celebrate their sexuality,” Shnaidman added. “By providing visitors to our site with access to some of the best content available online, and by channeling our traffic to these brilliant content creators to grow their businesses with no strings attached — we believe we are fulfilling our mission in its purest form. We would like to give a massive thank you to Mile High Media for championing this mission by our sides.”

Shnaidman continued, “To the Mile High Media family, we truly couldn’t ask for a better partner to realize our goals. We are excited to take our next steps together. What ground we are able to break in terms of bringing high quality video content to the female demographic will be owed to you. To new beginnings.”