Shots Reports Success at eroFame

GERMANY — Shots has reported a successful eroFame, where it introduced four new brands.

The four brands introduced were: Electroshock, SLT (Self Lubrification Technology), ManCage and Pumped.

According to a rep, Shots offered hundreds of new products from their existing lines like Gc, Ouch, Jill, Simplicity, Shots Toys, Goodfellas and Sono. A number of these brands were so successful, causing the first production rounds to be already sold out at the show, the company reported.

“The big attention and enthusiastic reactions from clients around the world established again the fact that the company is on the right track to even greater things,” said a company spokesperson. “To confirm this, both SIGN and EAN granted Shots the award Best Company Of The Year, for the seventh time in a row." 

In addition, Shots’ Jill line was given the “Most Innovative Product Line of the Year” award, and Oscar Heijnen was given the SIGN “Lifetime Achievement Award,” making him the youngest entrepreneur ever to receive this prize, the company said.

“Shots likes to thank everyone for the overwhelming attention and plentiful compliments,” the company spokesperson concluded. “All of this gives us an enormous boost to keep on developing more beautiful products and conquer the market even further!" 

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