Webmaster Central Offers VR Feeds for Members' Area Traffic

TAMPA, Fla. — WebmasterCentral, operator of VR3000.com, is offering new virtual reality feeds for members’ area traffic.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” explained Gabe of WebmasterCentral. “VR is a whole new way to explore porn and fans are flocking to it in a massive way, but the cost of creating your own exclusive content can’t be daunting… especially because the equipment needs to be custom created and there is a steep learning curve to filming it all properly.

“So, how can you cash in on VR quickly, while the trend is so strong among so many consumers? It’s actually really easy, just contact us and let’s discuss adding a VR white label to your site right now. What makes this so important is the fact that VR is converting better, and at a higher price point, than any other type of adult content on the web today. Whether you want to simply add content to your existing sites or would like to create entire stand-alone sites, Webmaster Central has a package to fit any budget”

According to the Gabe, VR member feeds work much the same way as traditional content, but all of the video is specifically geared toward a VR audience.

“This opens up the potential for entirely new revenue streams, like selling headsets to your audience or upselling other relevant VR products and services," Gabe said. "With packages designed to fit any budget from massive flagship sites to new brands on smaller budgets, it’s easy to find exactly what you need to start cashing in on VR in a matter of minutes. You get over 50-plus 3D VR scenes with new updates added weekly.”