Brett Rossi in Ninja Sex Party Music Video

LOS ANGELES — Brett Rossi stars in Ninja Sex Party's latest music video, which covers the classic '80s jam, "Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

"I met Danny from Ninja Sex Party in Vegas last year, and he loved my personality so much that he asked if I wanted to be in his band's music video," Rossi said. "He asked if I had any beautiful girlfriends who would be interested in joining me, so I recommended Olivia Austin and Karlie Montana." 

According to a rep, Rossi and her girlfriends wear colorful candy bikinis, dancing seductively to the musical comedy group's playful remake of the Def Leppard song.

As the band plays in a gingerbread house, Rossi, Austin and Montana help themselves to a mouthwatering assortment of sweet treats as a prismatic shower of hard candy rains around them. 

"I'm really stoked at how it turned out," Rossi added. "Ninja Sex Party was super fun to hang out and film with for the day. I would totally do it all over again!" 

To watch the music video, click here. To book Rossi, contact her at She can also be found on BrettRossi.comTwitter and Instagram.