PureTaboo's 'Half His Age' Concludes With 'The Aftermath'

PureTaboo's 'Half His Age' Concludes With 'The Aftermath'

MONTREAL — PureTaboo will release the conclusion of its original series, “Half His Age: A Teen Tragedy,” today exclusively at PureTaboo.com

“Half His Age: Part 3 — The Aftermath” concludes “Half His Age” as Charles Dera faces the consequences of his depraved actions as the series closes with a three-way (with Dera, Jill Kassidy and Kristen Scott), and a four-way that includes Xander Corvus and Small Hands. “Part 3 — The Aftermath” achieves closure for a perverted high school teacher (Dera) who began a secret affair with his young student (Kassidy), got caught by a fellow student (Scott) who threatens to tell, and a final act of revenge.

“The ‘Half His Age’ series is already a fan favorite — the inappropriate teacher/student relationship is so exciting and so wrong — and resonates with our fans,” said PureTaboo's Bree Mills, who directed the “Half His Age” trilogy with Craven Moorehead.

“The acting is incredible — Jill Kassidy and Kristen Scott took their roles seriously and it shows in their dramatic talents,” Mills added. “They brought the same intensity to their acting that they did in their sex scenes … no easy feat. Fans will be impressed with their performances.

“Sex can be positive, negative — and very, very complicated,” Mills concluded. “We want to explore these complicated themes that feel like a mainstream feature film, but with the added benefit of hardcore sex.” 

“Half His Age Part 1: The Affair" and "Part 2: The Threat" are both available now as web-only releases for PureTaboo.com members, and VOD subscribers; production extras such as photos and a model/cast pages are available as well. The entirety of “Half His Age: A Teen Tragedy” will be available on DVD Oct. 17.