TEA Show Adds 2 New Award Categories

TEA Show Adds 2 New Award Categories

LOS ANGELES — The TEA Show has announced the addition of two new categories to this year’s program, “Best VR Performance” and “Best Cam Model.”

“Each year we look at the categories and see if everything is still relevant,” said Steven Grooby. “We've been asked to do a cam model category for a number of years and to recognize what those performers bring to the industry. Separately, VR has continued to grow in our niche with a number of companies producing excellent scenes worldwide. It takes a different performance to produce a great VR scene so we want to also recognize those performers.”

The pre-nomination process is open to both fans and adult industry professionals. Submissions can be made at theTEAShow.com/vote and run until Oct.17, 2017. The eligibility period for consideration is from November 15, 2016 — November 15, 2017.

The 2018 sponsorship packages are now posted to the website here.