AEBN Begins Streaming VR, 3D Content

AEBN Begins Streaming VR, 3D Content

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN today said it has added virtual reality and 3D content to its video streaming and delivery platform using the latest version of its video player.

According to AEBN, the service can now deliver high quality streaming VR video to users on desktops, tablets and mobile devices using adaptive streaming technologies. This means users are no longer required to download and store large files to enjoy a quality VR experience.

As well as streaming to mobile VR devices, all types of VR video are now accessible to desktop and tablet users and any 3D content can be viewed on these platforms in “anaglyph 3D” mode using a pair of (red-blue) 3D glasses.

“Anaglyph viewing brings a true 3D video experience to desktop and tablet viewers without requiring total immersion or VR accessories,” said Jay S., a co-founder of AEBN  

Jay S. noted that traditional 2D streaming and download options are available for VR titles as well.

Since 1999 AEBN, also known formally as the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network, has offered adult video-on-demand to consumers through a worldwide network of affiliate partners. 

AEBN maintains distribution rights through thousands of content partners ensuring users access to a vast library of full-length adult titles, offering straight, gay, fetish and niche content.