XBIZ to Rock Sunset Blvd. for RISE Gala on Nov. 15

XBIZ to Rock Sunset Blvd. for RISE Gala on Nov. 15
Melissa Santana

LOS ANGELES — Who are you thankful for in adult entertainment?

Here, at XBIZ, we have immense appreciation for talent. It goes without saying that they are the beating heart of adult. Be it performers or cam models, adult entertainment would not exist without starlets and dreamboats dazzling audiences in front of the camera.

Thus, to celebrate them, on Wednesday, Nov. 15, XBIZ will take over West Hollywood’s 1 Oak to welcome talent and industry luminaries for its third annual RISE Adult Talent Appreciation Gala.

With the utmost sincerity, XBIZ is pleased to host the only yearly event that channels the Thanksgiving spirit, and honors the personalities that make the industry the thriving community it is today. 

“Most of us are not directly involved in content production and as such, it's important that we recognize just how vital the adult talent community is to our respective businesses,” said Alec Helmy, XBIZ founder and publisher. “So, each year we hold this special event to extend our collective appreciation to those who make the world of adult entertainment possible.”

Following the success of last year’s filled-to-capacity gala, XBIZ has invited famed Penthouse owner Kelly Holland — whose motivational words and speeches never fail to light up a room — to host again. 

"I'm honored to host the RISE Gala and pay tribute to the talented and hard-working performers in the adult industry,” Holland enthused. “XBIZ deserves credit for creating an event that specifically honors our performers. We have a lot of award ceremonies that honor different facets of the adult community, but it would not be possible without the lifeblood of our industry: performers. Our best products, movies and businesses are built on the talent and creativity of the performers and it is an honor to host an event that specifically recognizes them."

And such a gala would not be complete without APAC and the FSC, both of which strive for the betterment of the adult talent community.

“What was true in 1969 is true today: the adult industry is an industry built by performers,” said Eric Paul Leue, executive director of the FSC. “A performer's talent, creativity, boldness and business sense are pretty much the only constants in this ever changing, ever evolving industry. We are proud to work with them, to fight alongside them, to learn from them and, at the XBIZ gala, to honor them.” 

APAC’s chairperson, Tasha Reign, added, “I'm so grateful and proud that so many people in the adult industry understand how pivotal and important the role performers play truly is. Adult actresses and actors are the crux of what the adult business thrives off of and need to be treated as such royalty.

“It's extremely relevant and pertinent to our community to continue to place great importance and celebration around the art that we produce and the physical limits we push our bodies to,” she continued. “The more we are out in the open and fully immersed in commending performers, the more normalized and accepted our marginalized community will be in society. It's also a real pleasure to be around all of the love that we stand for. 

“Thank you, XBIZ, for being leaders in media regarding the adult business and keeping it classy,” she concluded. 

And, to wrap up a truly classy event, XBIZ will also unveil its 2018 XBIZ Awards nominees.

So, come join XBIZ in the trendy city of West Hollywood, where the industry will unite, drinks galore will pour, conversation will flow freely and the night will twinkle with a different kind of star.

To RSVP for the RISE Adult Talent Appreciation Gala, which starts at 8 p.m. at 1 Oak, located at 9039 Sunset Blvd, email rsvp@xbiz.com.