BMS Factory Reports Success of Pillow Talk

BMS Factory Reports Success of Pillow Talk
Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — BMS Factory has sold out of presale quantities of its new Pillow Talk collection and is calling its launch one of the company’s strongest in recent years.

Pillow Talk items feature a quilted design that appears plush to the touch. The line includes three products — Sassy, Cheeky and Flirty. Each Pillow Talk product features PowerBullet technology.

For added luxury, all Pillow Talk designs also feature Swarovski crystal in pink and teal and are packaged in a modern-styled box. Each vibe is rechargeable and includes a USB cord, which can be plugged into any USB power source.

“First shown at trade shows earlier this year, Pillow Talk was an instant hit,” the company said. “The soft pastel colors and intricate designs resonated well with store owners and distributors alike who loved the collection and were excited to place their orders.”

According to the company, a “well-known retailer” placed a repeat order for Pillow Talk two days after its initial order.

“Due to the incredible interest that it’s received so far, Pillow Talk’s initial presale quantity is now sold out,” the company said. Production on the next shipment is currently underway and will be available soon.

As with many of BMS Factory’s other collections, informative Pillow Talk product displays are also available for qualifying orders.

For more information about Pillow Talk, visit or speak with a distributor.