Piper Perri in PureTaboo.com's 'Fuck Me First Daddy'

LOS ANGELES — Piper Perri is featured in PureTaboo.com’s “Fuck Me First Daddy" which pairs her with Tyler Knight.

"I really feel like I put my all into this movie,” Perri said. “There was a lot of thought put into even the tiniest of details between the cast and the amazing crew. ‘Fuck Me First Daddy’ is not like your other typical step-dad/daughter porn scenarios. I'm interested to hear what reactions this movie creates. That's right, movie, because that's the way Pure Taboo films. So grab your popcorn (or lube), sit back and watch the most twisted role I have ever played in a movie."

Perri can be booked through EastCoastTalents.com. Fans can follow her on Twitter and Instagram