Rocks-Off Unveils Rose Gold RO-Duet

Rocks-Off Unveils Rose Gold RO-Duet
Melissa Santana

LOS ANGELES — Rocks-Off has announced it will launch its new RO-Duet in Rose Gold at eroFame.

“This is the perfect addition to the Rocks-Off Rose Gold collection recently showcased at ANME,” said a Rocks-Off spokesperson. “Rocks-Off launched their exquisite Rose Gold range In L.A. earlier this year featuring the RO-G-Spot, RO-Lux, Ro-120mm and RO-160mm bullets.

“The  Rose Gold color enhancements will be the perfect fit to current mainstream trends, making  RO-Duet the next must have item from the Rose Gold range,” the spokesperson added. “Featuring a unique, ergonomically designed velvet soft egg and a wireless control combo that reaches up to 10 metres, RO-Duet delivers absolute pleasure to you and your partner every time.”

According to the company, the original RO-Duet appeared on ITV This Morning in conjunction with “Good Housekeeping Institute.” The show described the RO-Duet as having “intense vibrations” with testers being “very surprised and excited by this unusual vibrator and enjoyed using it with their partners.” 

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