Womanizer Receives Favorable Judgment Over Product's Marketing Verbiage

BERLIN — The maker of the Womanizer sex toy recently received a favorable judgment over verbiage used in the marketing of rival EIS GmbH’s Satisfyer Pro 2.

A jurist at Munich federal court ruled in August that EIS must refrain from advertising “contact/pressure wave vibrators” with the supplemental words “patented technology” in business communications and advertising.

Johannes von Plettenberg, managing director of Womanizer Group Management GmbH, maker of the Womanizer, said he was satisfied with the decision.

"We believe in our innovative technology, in which we have invested a great deal of work and expertise,” von Plettenberg said. “Our ‘pleasure air technology’ offers customers genuine added value.”

Von Plettenberg said that the company has patents for its flagship product in Germany, as well as in the U.S, and the words “patented technology” mislead customers.

Both companies offer similar rechargeable, waterproof clitoral-stimulation products.