JuicyAds Expands Carrier Targeting to 3,000-Plus

JuicyAds Expands Carrier Targeting to 3,000-Plus

VANCOUVER, B.C. — JuicyAds said today that it’s made significant upgrades to its carrier targeting database.

The improvement expands its offerings from the top 300 carriers to more than 3,000, giving advertisers significant opportunities to purchase prime segments of traffic to maximize client ROI, said Juicy Jay, the ad network’s CEO and founder.

"More options, more control, more power" Jay said. "Our clients asked, and we answered with abundance. This is what we mean when we say we are always building a better advertising network, not just a bigger one. As an example, our Russia targeting options increased from 10 to approximately 124 options."

The exponential update goes hand in hand with the new user interface, available for pop-under advertisers, Jay said. 

While carrier targeting is highly demanded by some clients and provided as an all-inclusive targeting option, the company goes beyond this "packaged" approach. 

JuicyAds offers fully customizable IP targeting for advertisers with their own lists of profitable carrier IP address or ranges. These can be fully imported into the interface instead of using the provided carrier targeting. 

Because of recent upgrades in the platform's architecture, Jay said, the changes to campaign targeting are nearly instant.

ISPs can now specifically be targeted as well.  In the U.S., traffic segment alone, the company boasts 400-plus separate carrier options available for targeting, Jay said.

"With these changes, we are asking our clients to carefully review their campaigns for accuracy as well to adjust their settings to expand or reduce their targeting options to meet their goals," ge said.

Additionally, JuicyAds announced that these IP and carrier targeting features are coming available to banner display targeting as well.  IP targeting is currently in alpha testing and expected to come online for beta testing by clients in late October or early November. 

JuicyAds, which sells banner and pop advertising, has won more than 20 awards for its services.