CAM4 Announces Sponsorship of Amber Rose SlutWalk

CAM4 Announces Sponsorship of Amber Rose SlutWalk

LOS ANGELES — CAM4 announced today that it will be sponsoring the Amber Rose SlutWalk, taking place in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday.

CAM4 said that the company and its performers are taking this opportunity to "speak about how important it is for adults to be able to express themselves as they choose, without fear of harassment.”

CAM4 is also playing a central role in this year’s “Flood the Feed” event. At 3 p.m. on Sunday, people from around the globe are invited to join Amber Rose and CAM4 in attempting to create the largest online party in the world.

Through this unique real-time social media event, participants are “encouraged to raise their voice by going live on social media to stand up to slut-shaming and rape culture, and to embrace the power they have found in sexual expression and freedom.”

“We’re happy that CAM4 is not only attending and sponsoring the event, but they are also involved in this greater conversation,” Rose said. “Like us, CAM4 believes the right to be and feel safe, both online and offline, should not be decided by the color of one’s lipstick, the height of a shoe heel or the depth of their cleavage”.

“Flood the Feed” will urge hundreds of thousands of people to storm social media. Using the hashtag #CAM4NoShame, people are encouraged to show the world what the SlutWalk stands for by joining together in the world’s biggest live party.

CAM4 is running the official pre-party and countdown with their brand activists, Ela Darling and Nikki Night, who will prime the crowd and get everyone ready to flood their social media feeds to stand in support of the cause.

CAM4 is combining its sponsorship announcement with the debut of a new video series, “Deep Inside.” The web series, hosted on YouTube, is an ongoing discussion on the lives of sex workers, featuring performers themselves.

The first episode covers the topics that align with the SlutWalk, such as slut-shaming, self-expression and internalized misogyny. The first episode can be seen here.

“CAM4 is proud to sponsor the 2017 SlutWalk alongside esteemed brands such as Reebok, Tinder and Beats by Dre amongst others. We embrace and share Amber Rose’s mission to use joy, laughter and fierce pride to bring attention and a sense of community to a serious issue that affects women worldwide, as well as women in the adult entertainment industry,” Nikki Night of CAM4 said.

“We hope that women leverage our platform as a way to feel powerful, find financial incentive and of course, happiness and self-expression.”