Alison Tyler, Richelle Ryan and Valentina Mia Featured on

LOS ANGELES — Alison Tyler, Richelle Ryan and Valentina Mia are featured on women’s online magazine,, in a piece titled, “The 13 Most Surprising Things About Being a Porn Star (According to Porn Stars). 

“Being in porn is completely different than what people imagine,” Tyler said. “I would have to say one thing would be how healthy that community is. People like to party and all that, but we're not just doing blow and clubbing every night. Ninety percent of the industry is extremely health-conscious. We want to look good naked because we have sex on camera and healthy bodies are sexy!"

Ryan added, “My typical days off are filled with running errands, going to the gym and yoga, cleaning my house, doing laundry, working on my online store and spending time with my dog. The days when I work are very hectic and long so I have to prepare and prep on my off days.”

Mia said, “Being a porn star is a full-time job for me; in fact, I work overtime. I'm constantly responding to fans and it becomes a bit overwhelming at times.”

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