PureTaboo Teases New Fauxcest Scene, Featuring Piper Perri

PureTaboo Teases New Fauxcest Scene, Featuring Piper Perri

MONTREAL — PureTaboo has released a teaser for its upcoming scene, “Fuck Me First Daddy." 

The 39-second clip centers on Piper Perri as she talks on the phone with her mother, while staring longingly at her step-father, played by Tyler Knight. To view the trailer, click here.

“I got a devilish grin on my face and got so excited,” Perri said. “Working for Pure Taboo required a lot of method acting as well as being a very intense scene in general … I think people will find themselves extremely drawn to the rawness of the content of PureTaboo. I think they will be so intrigued and confused and turned on at the same time; none of them will be able to look away.”

Mills commented, "This is not just about forbidden lust, though it is, of course, at the heart of every PureTaboo production. This digs into the very core of trust, betrayal and shattered loyalties – which is every person’s worst nightmare. But on the flip side, that erotic allure is clearly strong enough to tempt the strongest of relationships … and that resonates with us as viewers, as we can see both sides to the story." 

The web-exclusive release, out Oct. 3, is one of the very first scenes available on the just-launched PureTaboo.com website by the Gamma Films team and Mills, who wrote, produced and co-directed the scene with Craven Moorehead. 

“Piper was wonderful in the role of the sweet, loving daughter, and Tyler Knight is, as always, amazing to watch,” Mills concluded. “We place a specific emphasis on the writing, storyline and acting; we rehearse like professional mainstream acting jobs, and our casts are excited to play roles in our episodes that delve deeper than the usual porno scene.” 

For more information, visit PureTaboo.com, follow them on Twitter and Instagram or contact affiliate manager Derrick Gilbert at derrick@famedollars.com. Mills can be followed on Twitter and Instagram.