Performer in Budapest Reportedly Tests Positive for Syphilis

Performer in Budapest Reportedly Tests Positive for Syphilis

BUDAPEST — Porno Dan, who runs from Budapest, today said he has halted all production at his live studio after a male performer in the local talent pool tested positive for syphilis.

Reached by phone Friday night, Dan told XBIZ that the BrillBabes modeling agency has called for a moratorium for the time being, “while everyone gets shots and we sort things outs.”

Dan said there are potentially more than a 25 performers that are first-generation exposures. 

“All production in Budapest is canceled until further notice,” said Dan, who noted that the positive test was found out after 5 p.m. on Friday evening. 

Industry attorney Michael Fattorosi said that Dan’s information was also confirmed by someone else in the E.U. on a private adult industry board.

“There were a few U.S. performers that were in E.U. for the shows that were potentially exposed, as well who are back in the U.S. now,” Fattorosi said.  

The Free Speech Coalition, upon comment to XBIZ, said that "syphilis is easily curable but can be transmitted by both fluid exchange or skin-to-skin contact, including oral sex, or in the presence of a condom.”

“In the meantime, out of an abundance of caution, we encourage any performers who have recently worked in Europe to get tested for syphilis, regardless of when your next 14-day PASS test is scheduled.”