Professor XX to Showcase Podcast, Gag Book at Sex Expo NY

Professor XX to Showcase Podcast, Gag Book at Sex Expo NY
Alex Henderson

NEW YORK — Professor XX will be promoting her adult podcast “Millennial Sex” and selling copies of her gag book “101 Ugly Penises (and a Few Cute Ones Too)” at Sex Expo New York 2017, presented by Chaturbate and set for Sept. 23-24 at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

“I’m so excited to perform at the NYC Sex Expo in Brooklyn this year because it means I will be surrounded by sex-positive people, all ready to laugh about sex,” Professor XX said. “You’d be surprised by how few people enjoy discussing orgasms and penis shapes in my local coffee shop.”

Professor XX, who is based in New York City, added, “At the Expo, I will also have some erotic literature that is pay per download, but I’ll do some giveaway stuff with it.”

Professor XX described “Millennial Sex” as “the podcast that shares salacious stories of sex and sensuality, shame, sin and satisfaction. The awkward, the confounding, the unbelievable — nothing is off limits.”

Returning as Sex Expo’s official sex education sponsor, national retail chain The Pleasure Chest is presenting workshops on a wide range of subjects. The Pleasure Chest was founded in 1971 and features an e-commerce site as well as brick-and-mortar stores in major cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Pleasure products manufacturer We-Vibe is serving as registration sponsor for Sex Expo New York 2017.

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