Valentina Mia on New 'Veer Queer' Podcast

HOUSTON — TS star Valentina Mia is featured as the first in-studio guest of new Houston LGBT podcast, “Veer Queer.” 

Mia discusses online dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and OK Cupid, as well as the dating life of a trans sex worker. 

"'Veer Queer’ consists of a fantastic group of queer folks with whom I found myself relating to in many ways as we got to know one another during the interview,” Mia said. “They asked me about my perspective on sex work along with my experiences in my dating life. I am so glad to able to vocalize my opinions to a very laid back, yet attentive audience. I'd love to work with them again.” 

Hosted by Bianca Gomez and Endesha Haynes, “Veer Queer” had the outspoken Mia on their second episode following the Hurricane Harvey disaster in Houston. 

“We enjoyed having Valentina on the show as our first guest,” said “Veer Queer” producer and moderator Mai Ha. “The team at ‘Veer Queer’ loved Valentina's perspective in deconstructing the stigma surrounding sex work as a trans woman. We'd hope to have her back on to discuss other issues concerning sex work.”

Fans may listen to Mia’s “Veer Queer” episode here or here. For more information on the “Veer Queer” podcast, follow the official Facebook.

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