MojoHost Launches New Amsterdam Data Center

MojoHost Launches New Amsterdam Data Center
Rhett Pardon

AMSTERDAM — MojoHost, widely known as one of the adult industry’s largest web hosting providers, has gone international with the launch of an overseas data center in Amsterdam.

"It's quite possibly the biggest expansion we have ever done," said Brad Mitchell, MojoHost founder and CEO.  "It has taken an enormous amount of work to get everything perfect and up to MojoHost standards, but we have done it and it's totally worth it."

Having servers geographically near to your target audience is extremely valuable, as it reduces load time and latency without the use of a content delivery network (CDN), Mitchell said.

The new data center location provides unique opportunities for clients — existing and potential — to strategically expand their hosting or colocation sites, he said. The company has another data center in Miami.

Mitchell advised that anyone with a significant portion of web users in Europe should supplement their existing North American servers with additional servers in the new location as well. 

This alternative option is great for those who are not looking to use MojoHost's global CDN, he said, noting that faster websites make more money. 

According to MojoHost-supplied data aggregated by KISSmetrics, even just a one-second delay in page response can result in a seven-percent reduction in sales and conversions. A website earning $1,000 per day could lose $25,000 in sales per year for each second it takes to load.  More specifically, 47 percent of consumers expect load times below two seconds, and 40 percent will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.  

The data makes it abundantly clear that having servers in multiple locations does not cost money, it makes money, Mitchell said.

"In the event that you want to deliver content faster with a CDN, MojoHost has been busy building superior dedicated in-house solutions from the leading bandwidth providers at prices you won't find anywhere else,“ Mitchell said. "They have done most everything to make hosting in North America or Europe as simple and pleasant as possible without having to source multiple providers. That's good Mojo."

In other company news, MojoHost, which has received more than 25 industry awards in its 15 years, now provides clients point-and-click ordering for many of its products, including dedicated servers, virtual private servers (SSD), virtual private servers (HDD), content delivery networks and domain registration.

Mitchell will be at XBIZ Berlin next week. To view the full XBIZ Berlin schedule, click here.

"Come talk hosting and I'll buy you a drink," he said. "Close a deal, and we can have several more the way only MojoHost can."