Feelmore Receives Stonewall's 'Small Business Owner Leader' Award

OAKLAND, Calif. — Feelmore Adult Gallery has been selected by the East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club to receive Stonewall’s 2017 “Small Business Owner Leader” award. 

According to a rep, the award is given to an LGBT Business Owner who has demonstrated innovation and is making a difference in the quality of life in the community.

“It is an honor to be awarded this honor,” said Nenna Joiner. “Knowing the genuine work we do to connect others to information and stay active in the flow of information is important personally and professionally. To have a community that people can believe and are safe in is important. We want our community to reflect the clear diversity and values in our city. I believe Oakland is there yet we still have work to do.”

Joiner has continually been active in their community and most recently as a Board Member of Oakland’s Landmark Board appointed by the Mayor and prior to that a Delegate for the DNC in Philadelphia representing Congressional District 13. 

According to Joiner, business owners in the adult industry have quite a bit of influence that could be used to champion multiple causes.

"It is not easy to have a heart for community and stepping away from your business to help but just as owners have the opportunity to influence change in the body, they can also change their community," Joiner concluded.

For more information, contact Joiner at PR@Feelmore510.com, (510) 891-0199 or President of East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club Ms. Brendalynn Goodall at b.r.goodall@att.net.