IMBesharam, Gaysi Partner to Create Safe Spaces for India's LGBTQI Community

IMBesharam, Gaysi Partner to Create Safe Spaces for India's LGBTQI Community

MUMBAI, India — and online social platform, Gaysi Family, are partnering to address the lack of safe, affirmative spaces and events where India’s marginalized LGBT individuals can commune and share their stories. 

According to a representative, with the backing of IMBesharam, Gaysi Family has begun hosting events like trivia and bar nights designed to explore new and interesting topics that many in the queer community would likely find uncomfortable to talk about in more conservative settings.

By opening the dialogue on issues of concern like dating, sex, consent, bedroom taboos and safe practices, both organizations are doing their part to promote the emotional and sexual wellness that has historically suffered among those whose sexual and gender orientations have been heavily criticized from within a staunchly traditionalist Indian culture, the representative reported.

At one of Gaysi’s most recent and successful workshops, people were introduced to the concept of ‘kink,’ and the various types of kink that can exist. Participants talked about the importance of communication and consent between partners before indulging in any form of kink, the significance of after care, and best practices to ensure kink experiences remain safe and enjoyable.

IMBesharam supported the event by supplying an array of adult products, which were used to spark questions and demonstrate correct and safe usage. Gaysi hopes to host a follow-up to the event soon, given the incredible response and demand. 

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