Releases 'Mr. Hardball and the Heckler'

LOS ANGELES — has announced its release of “Mr. Hardball and the Heckler,” a sports story with a lesson in bullying.

In “Mr. Hardball and the Heckler,” the boys are trying out at practice on a hot day. The coach, played by Jessie Lee, is playing catcher with Ken Ott on the mound. That’s when the bullying starts.

“Mr. Hardball and the Heckler” also features Gabe Dalessandro, along with newcomers Cody Hong, Alex Chu and David Ace.

The new title is the creative brainchild of PeterFever’s President Danny Zeeman and is part of a new series of serial “soap opera” type baseball-themed episodes called “Mr. Hardball.”

“With the charged political climate and aftermath of the horror in Charlottesville, I thought that this story would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how the power of sexual desire and love can be one solution to overcoming racial stereotypes and hatred,” Zeeman said.  “Gabe is trained to think a certain way about Asian men playing a sport, but once he is seduced by the alluring Ken Ott all of that goes out the proverbial window. The story is still light hearted and funny, but there is definitely an underlying message to it all.”

“‘Make love not war’ may sound old-fashioned in today’s increasingly violent world, but I think that it is a philosophy that should never go out of style,” Zeeman adds. “As one of my heroes once said, ‘if it’s not love, then it’s the bomb that will bring us together.’ Let’s kill their hatred by spreading as much love around as possible.”

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