Phantom Frog Password Protection System Partners With Mansion Productions

LOS ANGELES — Mansion Productions has announced a partnership with Phantom Frog, a new password protection system. Phantom Frog complements affiliate management software products offered by Mansion Productions.

Phantom Frog features Geo-IP Tracking and Automated Member Support (AMS). Instead of blocking an abused password, Frog issues a new password to the valid member via email, automatically, without requiring action from the webmaster.

"Password abuse is a concern for every professional in this industry," CEO of Mansion Productions Oystein Wright said. "It has the potential to undermine everything we do, and directly sink earnings. With Phantom Frog, every MPA3 client, no matter the software they have in place, can cut it off at the root."

"This merging of our technologies provides a clear competitive edge to program operators," creator and President of Phantom Frog Bill Poutinen said. "Mansion provides tools which enable webmasters to maximize sales. Through its integration with MPA3, Phantom Frog provides 24/7 uninterrupted access to valid members. This empowers webmasters to maximize member retention."

A free introductory version of the Phantom Frog software is available for download at The introductory version of the software monitors password abuse and provides email notifications, and works with existing protection systems.

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