Joanna Angel, Small Hands Discuss Industry Trends With LA Weekly

Joanna Angel, Small Hands Discuss Industry Trends With LA Weekly

LOS ANGELES — LA Weekly writer Gustavo Turner spotlighted adult stars Joanna Angel and Small Hands in an article titled, “Tattooed-Porn Queen Joanna Angel on Why ‘the Stepbrother’ Is Porn's New ‘Pizza guy.’”

“Angel’s website is still the premiere destination for subscribers interested in ‘Emo, Punk, Goth & Tattoo Porn,’ categories under the umbrella term ‘alt-porn,’” Turner wrote. “In terms of cultural history, both Burning Angel and Joanna Angel as its iconic star are products of the era that produced the Suicide Girls soft-core franchise (launched in 2001), a cultural offshoot of the suburban punk explosion of the mid-1990s.”

The article then delves into the ways Burning Angel has adapted to today’s era of pornography, as well as how she keeps up with consumer demand and the rising trend of “stepsibling” porn.

“Look, I don’t have an army of people figuring out what people are clicking on,” Angel explained in the article. “But MindGeek probably does. They do a great job in trying to figure out what the customers are demanding. My webmaster gives me stats and I look at those, but ultimately I decide what I feel like shooting.

“If I see yoga scenes have some traction and I’m stuck for an idea, I will take that idea and make it my own,” she continued. “What the hell, I’ll roll the dice and do a yoga movie! Because I’m the boss sometimes I say ‘fuck it’ and take a bigger risk.”

Turner, then, talked about the rising popularity of stepsibling porn amongst those who pay for porn, to which Angel commented, “I personally like threesomes. I like to shoot threesomes. But threesomes are expensive, because you’re paying double for the girls. So if I wanna do a threesome scene, it needs to do very well. And if all it takes is to say ‘stepsister’ at the beginning, I’m gonna do it even if it’s silly. I can make a regular porno and just say stepsomething. I make it deliberately hokey: like ‘My Stepsister and I Share Cock.’”

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