'New International Lingerie Show' Set for March 12-14

'New International Lingerie Show' Set for March 12-14

LAS VEGAS — The International Lingerie Show has announced plans to return as the New International Show, which is set for March 12-14 at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas.

“The New International Lingerie show has a brand new team,” NILS Sales Manager John Pace told XBIZ. “I will head the sales area with Chad Timney as the show manager and Roland Timney as the director. Our marketing team is second to none.”

Pace says exhibitors have already begun to sign up for the revamped NILS, which will feature educational seminars and a buyers lounge “strictly for retailers so they will have a private room to relax and write orders.”

“This will keep them down at the show floor instead of going up to their rooms,” Pace said. “I am also working on instituting a Personal Shopper Program where our office will work very closely with the retailer to organize their appointment schedules to make it easier for them.

“Our goal is to let the buyers know they are our priority,” Pace said.
This will be a show that both exhibitors and retailers will be proud to attend. We will make it fun and exciting.”

Much like its predecessor, NILS will showcase sexy lingerie styles and pleasure products.

“I have been in contact with many of the sexy lingerie and novelty companies about our new show and the reaction has been tremendous,” Pace said. “I have received many verbal commitments as well as a good number of confirmed contracts in a very short period of time. We will be working very hard to reach out to all the retailers to ensure that they will see a wide variety of the best lingerie and novelty companies that our industry has to offer.”

According to Pace, NILS’ marketing team will dedicate themselves to keeping exhibitors and buyers updated on the progress of the show. 

“The objective here is to keep everyone well-informed,” he said.

Pace credits Chad and Roland Timney with being instrumental in the success of WomensWear In Nevada, an apparel trade show that was formerly owned by Specialty Trade Show — the creator of ILS.

“We have a real experienced team of trade show professionals that will produce a great show for everyone to enjoy,” Pace said.

The original International Lingerie Show announced it would cease operations in January after nearly 20 years. ILS founder Jeff Yunis serves as a consultant for the show’s revamped comeback.

For more information on NILS, contact Pace at suitman2002@aol.com or (704) 662-8793. To contact Yunis, email oldjeff@mail.com; to contact Roland Timney, email rlt702@gmail.com; to contact Chad Timney, email chad702@gmail.com; and for marketing information, email tim@mcpub.net.