JuicyAds Releases New Version of Popunder Code

JuicyAds Releases New Version of Popunder Code

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Ad network JuicyAds has officially released its third version of popunder code for publishers seeking to earn more from pop traffic.

JuicyAds CEO and founder Juicy Jay said that the new code has a higher capture rate than previous versions, allowing more popunders to be delivered to surfers for all websites. 

In addition, the speed has been increased, allowing improved performance, he said.

“Our pops volume has increased significantly since implementing the new code,” said Juicy Jay, noting that the third version had a successful beta testing period amongst early adopters.

“We have had publishers increase their volumes by up to 500 percent by adding the new code to their websites.” 

In addition to the code update, JuicyAds has improved its algorithm for determining the uniqueness of visitors receiving popunders. This may lead to improved performance for advertiser campaigns, and overall revenue for publishers.

The algorithm improvement also improves fraud detection and avoidance of duplicate traffic from being delivered to advertisers.

“Some time ago, we made a bold decision to focus on delivering only quality traffic to our malware-free advertisers,” Juicy Jay said. 

Juicy Jay said that he has witnessed several competing networks focus on bragging about high volumes of popunders, “with complete ignorance to the fact that our tests show most of it to be fraudulent or of no value to clients.” 

“We are dedicated to paying publishers the most possible without resorting to lucrative popunders, which include malicious malware, fake software updates or tech-support scams that plague other networks,” he said.

The new Pop v3 code is currently available to all publishers from the “sell ads” area once they have added their website to the JuicyAds network.

“We feel that quality publishers respect that we are dedicated to a clean and malware-free network, and our environment allows advertisers to compete fairly with other like-minded clients,” Juicy Jay said.

JuicyAds.com provides banner display advertising as well as popunder and mobile monetization.