Fetish Model Monique Charriere Passes Away

Fetish Model Monique Charriere Passes Away
Rhett Pardon

SOFIA, Bulgaria — Fetish model Monique Charriere has passed away at age 31, according to news and lifestyle site TheFetishistas.com.

Calling her “one of the European fetish scene’s most distinctive and photogenic models,” TheFetishistas said she died in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia on or around June 21.

TheFetishistas said that, according to people who knew her, Charriere had attempted suicide by drug overdose, “putting her into a coma from which she did not recover.”  

“She had the sort of Slavic beauty that lends itself perfectly to fetish imagery, and she was a popular subject for European photographers, especially in Holland,” TheFetishistas said.

Katja Ehrhardt, a photographer for High Gloss Dolls in Hamburg, said in a tribute that Charriere was one of her favorite models to work with.

“I found it at the same time easy and difficult to work with her, but it was always worth it,” Ehrhardt said. “Later on, we became good friends and chatted a lot when she was living abroad.

“I noticed how much she had going on inside, but also how sad and alone she was. She was free, but caught in the cage she put herself in.”

TheFetishistas also noted another recent death that has yet to be widely reported — international t-girl Nicci Tristan, also a fetish model.  

“Nicci was a friendly, charismatic and very glamorous Australian t-girl, famous locally for hosting Brisbane club Fetish Empire and running its fetish boutique, Empire Emporium,” said TheFetishistas, which emphasized the community was rocked with bad news this summer.

“Three fetishista deaths, occurring across a short time span of just five weeks, have left the international fetish community shell-shocked and wondering what the hell is going on,” TheFetishistas said.

XBIZ reported in late July that fetish model and adult star January Seraph took her own life. 

Pictured: Monique Charriere