Brooke Christian to Offer Sex Tips for Busy Moms at Sex Expo NY

Brooke Christian to Offer Sex Tips for Busy Moms at Sex Expo NY
Alex Henderson

NEW YORK — Brooke Christian, founder of the blog and a self-described “sexpert for busy moms,” will be hosting the workshop “How to Make Vanilla Sex Hotter in Five Simple Steps” at Sex Expo New York 2017. Presented by Chaturbate, the event is set for Sept. 23-24 at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

The Pleasure Chest, serving as official sex education sponsor for Sex Expo New York 2017, is presenting workshops on a wide range of subjects. Christian’s workshop will address the ways in which busy moms can enjoy fulfilling sex loves despite their hectic schedules.

“Over the years, I’ve become the sexpert for the mommy set,” Christian said. “I tackle how to sex it up easily and quickly, how to balance motherhood and your innate sexual desires. And most importantly, I offer solutions on how to have amazingly hot sex no matter how much — or how little — time one has. Plus, I’m a huge advocate for giving women permission to be both mothers and kinky sexual beings. And I lead by example: I’m a crazed mom of two, but I also love being naughty. The two can live together in one body.”

In early March, organizers for the Sexual Health Expo (SHE) announced that the bicoastal, biannual event was rebranding as Sex Expo. Christian, a native New Yorker, said she is glad to see Sex Expo New York taking place in Brooklyn.

“I’m a NYC native and have always loved Manhattan, but over the past few years, I’ve started to fall in love with Brooklyn,” Christian said. “It’s got a realness and earthiness that really speaks to me and feels sexy at the moment.”

Christian added, “Recently, I was doing a promotional video shoot for another brand in a warehouse space in Greenpoint on the water. As I left the shoot, I wanted to explore the neighborhood, as it seemed super cool — and I quite randomly walked past the Brooklyn Expo Center. It’s a beautifully clean, bright and open space, which I love — especially for a consumer-focused sex event. So many people think of sex events as happening in dark and dungeon-like spaces; so, I love that the Brooklyn Expo Center is the exact opposite of that. The openness of the space speaks to the way society is viewing sex these days: out in the open, for all to see and experience in beautiful, natural light.”

Pleasure products manufacturer We-Vibe is serving as the show’s registration sponsor — and presenting sponsor Chaturbate is a top adult camming platform. Chaturbate, founded in 2011, features an affiliate program, ad traffic sales and a wide range of tools for webmasters and broadcasters.

The Brooklyn Expo Center is located at 72 Noble St. in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint area and is within walking distance of the MTA’s Greenpoint Ave. subway station. To reach the Brooklyn Expo Center from Manhattan, take the G Train.

For more information on the Brooklyn Expo Center, call (718) 775-3315.

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