RedTube Seeks to Sponsor N.Y. Subway System

RedTube Seeks to Sponsor N.Y. Subway System
Rhett Pardon

NEW YORK — Taking the Red Tube home? That soon could be a reality in New York City.

After Gov. Andrew Cuomo said last month that the Metropolitan Transit Authority should take on private sponsors to improve subway stations, an interested suitor has stepped up to the plate., the tube site operated by adult entertainment conglomerate MindGeek, recently sent Cuomo a note applying to be one of the new private station sponsors.

According to NBC, RedTube's double entendre-filled letter boasts that many of the site's 20 million daily users live in New York City.

"We here at RedTube are eager lend a hand and give back to our loyal New York fans and would like to officially submit our application for consideration to sponsor a subway station for an annual fee," said the letter, written by RedTube Vice President Alex Taylor.

“Should we make it through the application process, we were thinking we could literally adorn the station we sponsor as well as a number of trains in RedTube branding so people can actually ride a red tube."

Earlier this year, Washington Square FC, an amateur soccer team in Brookline, Mass., reached out to RedTube on Twitter to help sponsor its games. Washington Square and Red Tube worked out a sponsorship deal in which the company name is featured prominently on team jerseys.