Juan 'El Caballo' Loco Talks Bang Bros Contract Stardom

Juan 'El Caballo' Loco Talks Bang Bros Contract Stardom

LOS ANGELES — Juan “El Caballo” Loco is proof that big things come in small packages.

With industry titan Bang Bros holding the reins, this slender California native is making waves in the adult industry as the company’s exclusive contract star, plowing only the most radiant beauties the biz has to offer.

No, seriously, he’s gotten his hands on 2017 XBIZ MILF Performer of the Year Cherie DeVille and 2017 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year nominee Keisha Grey.

Pretty much, Juan “El Caballo” Loco is living every teenage boy’s dream, but getting where he is today was no walk in the park. It took effort, determination and just the slightest bit of boredom.

“I was bored one day and I was like, ‘Fuck it! I’m gonna bug the shit out of big people in the industry,” Loco explained. “That’s what I did. I found this website online, SexyJobs.com, and next thing you know, I’m bugging Bang Bros I didn’t get a reply for like six months. I got a call back from them ... I wanna say in November of last year. They were like, ‘We wanna shoot you! We wanna fly you out to Miami.’ And I was like, ‘Alright let’s do it.’”

Bang Bros flew him out in March, placed him on the Bang Bus and let Ms. Grey have her way with him.

“I was on, like, a reverse Bang Bus,” he gushed. “It was two other dudes and me. The first dude got kicked off … he couldn’t get his weiner up for Keisha Grey!” Loco is genuinely flabbergasted at the mere idea of someone — anyone — unable to get hard for Grey. “But, I got picked up at a bus stop and I fucked Keisha Grey. It was awesome.

“At the beginning it was like … ‘I’ve watched this so many times!’” he giddily revealed. “And I’m actually going to do it?!’ While I was on the bus, it was hard to process! I kept saying ‘I’m on the fucking Bang Bus!’”

After that first impression, Bang Bros popped the question.

“They asked me,” Loco recalled. “They were like, ‘We want to contract you. How do you feel about that?’ At the moment I wasn’t sure, but I put some thought into it and asked a couple of friends while I was out in Miami. All my friends were like, ‘Do it! It would be pretty dope to do something like that. It’s Bang Bros!’”

He eventually said yes, and “the rest is … on the internet!” Loco joked.

Now, BangBros.com is home to multiple scenes featuring the boyishly good-looking performer bagging uber MILFs like Brandi Love and Sarah Vandella, as well as petite cuties like Kira Noir and Aaliyah Hadid.

“My second shoot was with Chanel Preston, who is fine as fuck,” Loco claimed. “Everyone that I have worked with so far has been beyond nice. They’re really awesome people.”

Loco’s romp with Preston, he believes, is what set him on track to be a winning Bang Bros racehorse.

“The fact that Chanel Preston is really big, and she got to take on a fresh faced newcomer, you know? It really put me out there,” Loco pointed out. “And people said that I killed it. I really killed my scene. People were like, ‘This kid is fucking awesome. He’s really good! We wanna see more of him.’ Then, people started requesting to see me with Reagan Foxx. People really dug that one hard too. People’s wave for my porn is big. To me it’s big, I’ve never experienced something like this. I’ve never had more than like a thousand followers in my life.

“I’ve had people watching me all over the world,” he added. “There’s people watching me in China … in Europe … in Argentina … all these different places! It’s cool.”

When XBIZ asked what else he found cool about working in the industry, he devilishly replied, “Knocking someone off of my ‘Top 5’ list recently — that was cool.”

Top 5? Well, like any teenager that would happen to find themselves in the magical kingdom that is the adult industry, he has made a selective list of girls he would like to take for a ride.

“Maya Bijou, I just think she’s really fine,” he raved.” I get to shoot with her soon, too. Piper Perri. I’m really into tiny girls. My list is made up of girls who are my height or shorter. Adria Rae. Her ... She’s so cute. And Anna DeVille would be one! I’ve met her already and she said she’d want to do a scene! And Melissa Moore.”

At the mention of tiny girls, XBIZ asked if he felt his childish looks and petite stature were the keys to his rising success.

“I look like I’m fucking 10, and I guess that’s what people want to see,” he reasoned. “I feel like I can do a lot with what I have in the industry! Imma say this now — anyone can do porn! Anyone can do it. It’s not hard to find resources online. There’s so many opportunities, you just gotta find them. Email bighead companies, send them your information … bug them! Just bug them! If they want to work with you, they’ll let you know. And if they don’t, then they’ll let you know too. 

“Top two searches in porn? MILF and teen,” he assured. “So if you’re 30 years old and a mom, you can do porn. If you’re 18 and fresh out of highschool … boy or girl … you can do porn! So, there’s no limits to what you have to have. You don’t have to be muscular — I’m not muscular … I’m 110 pounds! Yeah, no limits. Go for it. If you wanna do it, do it.

“I get a lot of short messages on Twitter, and those are the ones I don’t reply to,” Loco shifted the conversation momentarily to his fanbase on Twitter and how he hoped to connect with his followers. “But the really, really long ones where you can tell that someone took their time, those I respond to. Especially when it’s someone who tells me they grew up in the same shoes as me, you know? If they’re the ones asking for help on how to get into the industry, I’ll give them information on how to start the process.”

Despite his encouraging words, he also added that porn is not as easy as it seems.

“It’s a struggle sometimes,” he disclosed. “Sometimes it’s fucking hot. It’s 90 degrees outside, and you’re in a warehouse in DTLA and you can’t keep your dick hard. It’s like, ‘Oh fuck! Am I gonna finish this up?’ You just have to relax, keep calm and not worry about who is around you. You have to think about it as though you’re just at home, fucking in private. That’s how I kind of take it.”

Loco, then, revealed that preparing for a scene starts the night before. “I go to sleep at a normal time, because I’m an early riser,” he said. “I usually shave two days. I haven’t really changed my diet, though. I’m still very much a teenager eating junk food, but I don’t eat out as much anymore! I eat more at home, because I feel a home cooked meal is better than getting a greasy burger.”

As for staying mentally sane, Loco stated performer Daisy Stone explained the intricacies of the industry and how to navigate his increasing fame.

“We started around the same time,” he said. “Her and I have been cool since the day I shot with her. She’s been so supportive of me. Me and her are very cool friends. Like, we can talk and I can give her my opinion on something, and she’ll give me her whole opinion on it. That’s who I go to when I need advice about something. She kind of helped me wrap my head around the industry, gave me some advice on what I can do to better myself in the future.”

The future, Loco hopes, features a lot of traveling, mingling with rappers and even an XBIZ Award.

“I want to use my industry connects to hit up my favorite artist,” Loco enthusiastically said. “I want them to see me! Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, G-Eazy, G Herbo, Lil Bibby, No Limit, Nolanberollin … and Ugly God. I fuck with Ugly God hella hard! Add that in there! I want him to see that when it comes out!

“And I know it may not happen, but I would love to go out to Europe and shoot for BangBros there,” he concluded. “Other than that, maybe shooting in Mexico. I want to travel, you know? I’m always trying to expand my horizons, maybe win an XBIZ award! So, pay for my porn and nominate me!”