Lucas Entertainment Debuts Project P.O.R.N.O.

Lucas Entertainment Debuts Project P.O.R.N.O.

NEW YORK — Project P.O.R.N.O., also known as "producing outside routine new offerings," is running now until the end of the month.

The project from Lucas Entertainment is an open call for submissions and votes on an upcoming  production.

“We’re open to all creative ideas,” a Lucas Entertainment publicist said. “Submissions that are legally feasible and financially viable will be added to the nominee list.”

The title with the most votes by midnight on Sept. 1 will be produced by Lucas Entertainment.

“Voting and submissions are open to all,” the studio publicist said. “Tell us what you want to see, and we’ll make it happen."

Visit the Project P.O.R.N.O. website to submit original ideas and vote for a favorite concept.