BelAmi Reveals Trailer for 2nd Half of 'Summer Break'

BelAmi Reveals Trailer for 2nd Half of 'Summer Break'

PRAGUE — BelAmi has released a new hardcore trailer for the second half of its “Summer Break” series. 

According to a representative, for the past eight weeks BelAmi has given fans a glimpse into how the boys of BelAmi spend their summer break in a castle outside of the hustle and bustle of Prague. BelAmiOnline has already released eight sex scenes from the series and has another eight to go in addition to more documentaries and art collection photo-sets as well.  

“Summer Break” features its most popular stars including Hoyt Kogan, Adam Archuleta, Jerome Exupery, Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans, Helmut Huxley, Rhys Jagger, Ariel Vanean, Andre Boleyn,  Phillipe Gaudin, Andrei Karenin and more. To download the hardcore trailer, click here.

Additionally, the latest scene from “Summer Break” goes live tomorrow, and it features Jeroen Mondrian and Jon Kael, who tops this time.

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