Sportsheets Debuts Revamped Sex in the Shower Line

Sportsheets Debuts Revamped Sex in the Shower Line

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets re-introduced its Sex in the Shower line with new packaging at last week’s ANME, where the company also debuted seven new handmade Sportsheets crops.

The company said that it is now putting together display orders at its warehouse in Huntington Beach that will ship in the coming days.  Says CEO and Founder, and the brain behind all the Sportsheets Original Designs, Tom Stewart,

“We take great pride in being a company that listens to people at every level, every day, from our distributors to our end consumers, and it shows in everything we do,” Sportsheets CEO and founder Tom Stewart said.

Sex educator and podcaster Emily Morse of “Sex With Emily” was in the Sportsheets booth during ANME doing live Instagram feeds and filming for an upcoming promotion. 

Julie Stewart, president of Sportsheets, introduced Emily “and her wonderfully sexciting entourage” to the new Sex in the Shower products and packaging, and discussed how to make shower sex great with Emily’s live Instagram audience. 

Tom Stewart showed Morse Sportsheets’ original designs of upcoming crops; and according to the company, Morse was overheard saying that the new Dragon Strike would have fit right in with the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” 

Stewart gave a Spanking 101 tutorial to the live feed audience, telling men to slow down and not “whack a home run” while experimenting with spanking. 

“Ease into it,” he said. Pre-orders for the new handmade crops were in the thousands at the show, the company said, adding that would begin shipping them in September.

Sex in the Shower is now shipping along with other Sportsheets International brands. The new crops and new silicone product additions can be ordered via distributors or by contacting