Nelson Sousa Da Cunha Named CEO of Mister B

Nelson Sousa Da Cunha Named CEO of Mister B

AMSTERDAM — Nelson Sousa da Cunha has become the new owner and CEO of Mister B Trading and underlying subsidiaries.

According to a press release, Sousa da Cunha is taking over the company after a successful management buyout from Mister B’s founding father Wim Bos.

For the past 23 years, Bos has set up and expanded the organization to a commercially thriving company that caters to wholesale and internet sales, stores and franchises in Holland, Belgium and Germany and beyond. Mister B currently employs more than 40 people.

Before serving as the marketing manager at Mister B from 2011 onwards, Sousa da Cunha held several management positions in a variety of commercial organizations.?In addition to his role at Mister B, Sousa da Cunha is active in the gay scene as an advocate for gay and fetish acceptance and emancipation.

“My extremely motivated team and I are very much looking forward to further expand the success of Mister B and make the organization even more future-proof,”? Sousa da Cunha said.

Bos will remain involved with Mister B in an advisory role, the company said.

“Mister B embodies not only a brand, but a culture of sexual emancipation as well, and has been working for many years in and for the gay and fetish community in and outside of Europe,” the company said.?”Nelson Sousa da Cunha is taking over the proverbial banner from Wim Bos in continuing this work and conveying the vision of Mister B throughout the world.”