SegPay's New Merchant Portal Features 'Best-in-Class' Technology

SegPay's New Merchant Portal Features 'Best-in-Class' Technology

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — SegPay today announced the launch of a new intuitive merchant portal that features the latest "best-in-class" technology.

Designed in HTML 5, the digital payments processor’s updated portal is faster, simpler to navigate and offers an intuitive interface so merchants can easily pull reports and see the latest data for their sites’ transactions, according to Cathy Beardsley, CEO of SegPay.

Business owners can access and manage account information in the portal from virtually any device at any time, Beardsley said.

“Our new merchant portal greatly advances SegPay’s client offerings,” she said. “It’s built using an intuitive design allowing merchants to quickly access transaction reports and create new price points.

“Helping our clients better manage their business is central to everything we do at SegPay.”

The merchant portal gives all ecommerce businesses a fast and effective way to manage payment processing. Merchants can obtain data and historical information using the system’s robust reporting capabilities.

All reports can be fully customized to meet merchant’s individual needs. Users can even save custom reports for accessing information they want to constantly monitor. Another key feature of the updated merchant portal is the ability for merchants to rapidly set up and run new programs.

Merchants can easily access and update websites, price points, post-backs, cancel/keep offers and so much more, empowering merchants everywhere to better control their ecommerce/payment processing needs.

“The new merchant portal’s design is sleek, modern and runs on ‘best-in-class’ technology, and we’re excited for our clients to start using it,” said Jeff Rosenzweig, SegPay’s vice president of operations. “We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from clients during beta testing and we’re thrilled to finally launch the portal to all of our merchants.”

Current SegPay clients can view the new merchant portal by visiting