Alison Tyler Pens Female Empowerment Essay for

LOS ANGELES — Alison Tyler has penned a first-person essay for, comparing her portrayal of Wonder Woman in “Batman vs. Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody” to Gal Gadot’s portrayal in “Wonder Woman.”

“I was very excited when I heard there was a mainstream blockbuster Wonder Woman movie coming out, but I admit, I was disappointed when the news was released that Gal Gadot had been selected to play Wonder Woman,” Tyler wrose. “The Princess of Amazons is supposed to be strong and bold and well, Amazonian, which means tall, voluptuous, curvy and all that good stuff.” 

Tyler recounts her own personal point of view in reviewing the highest-grossing movie this summer, not only as an adult entertainer and a fitness instructor, but also as a tall, awkward teenager in middle and high school.

“It wasn’t until I started getting into competitive in sports that I started to embrace my height, and once I started to embrace it, it became a feeling that was forever growing and evolving,” she added.

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