Q&A: Abigail Mac Brings Her 'A' Game

Q&A: Abigail Mac Brings Her 'A' Game

LOS ANGELES — In the blue corner … standing at 5 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 107 pounds ... it’s 2017 XBIZ Best Actress in a Parody Release … Ms. Abigail Mac!

For five years, Mac has grappled with the challenges of the adult industry, head held high all the while. She has proven that success in this biz has little to do with how many dicks you take and more to do with how much of your personality shines through on-screen.

And what a personality! The embodiment of girl-next-door, Mac’s charm glitters from every inch of her body. Only the sun’s radiance can compare to her demeanor as she lights up the room with a flashy smile and infectious laughter. Accompany that with a physique sculpted like a Roman goddess, and it is no surprise the bona fide Sicilian starlet manages to captivate all those who witness her in the ring.

Though her everyday arena is more akin to a bedroom than a wrestling stadium, she brings an energy to each scene that only a true Olympian fighter can achieve. Pair that vigor with Mac’s actual adoration and love for the craft, and you have the honest makings of a true gold medalist.

While her championship belt proudly proclaims her an XBIZ Award winner, her trophy case at home is also filled with such honors as Vixen Angel and Girlsway Girl of the Month. This is due, in large part, to her diverse roles in an array of features for highly regarded companies like Evil Angel, Bang Bros. and Jules Jordan Video. As a result, she is certainly no stranger to prestige and much less a stranger to devotion. In fact, her legion of fans travels across the U.S. to catch even the slightest of glimpses and to be blessed by her sexual prowess in the flesh, when she feature dances.

But, despite the chiseled abs and ample breasts, Mac transcends all stereotypes. She is living proof that brawn, brains and beauty go hand in hand. She is a businesswoman in every sense of the word, delivering scene after scene, while simultaneously expanding her financial prospects to further her career. 

In essence, Abigail Mac is a total knockout.

Prepare to experience a champion in all her glory, in this exclusive XBIZ interview. Let’s get ready to rumble!

XBIZ: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What led you onto the path of adult?

Abigail Mac: I’ve been in the industry for about five years now. I was born in Columbia, Maryland. My father’s from Baltimore and my mom’s from Ellicott City, Maryland. I usually go “Baltimore,” because if you say “Ellicott,” everyone is like, “I have no idea what you’re saying.” So, I just go, “I’m from Baltimore!” Then, they’re like, “Alright! I understand.” People sometimes ask, “Do you know ‘The Wire?’” And I have to say, “No. I don’t, but yes that was filmed in Baltimore!”

Anyways, I got started in the industry because, when I was in college, I was barely making rent. I had a girlfriend who introduced me to web cam. I’d never heard of “web cam” before, so I was like, “Wait … you can take off your clothes, you can block your state so people that you go to school with or your family won’t ever see you on there, and you can make money from home?” I was waiting tables for five/six years, working 30-40 hours a week. I thought that was insane, so I started doing web cam.

While I was camming, a company called Digital Desire found me on there and said, “We would love to bring you down to California and do a shoot.” I was like, “I don’t really know.” So I asked around and did a lot of research because I didn’t know a lot about porn. People said that I should bring someone with me and that I should be careful, so I brought a girlfriend with me who has shot with Twistys before. She knew a couple people down here and she was like, “They’re my favorite company! You should do it. You’ll have a great time.” So, I did.

I got to California and was like, “Oh my god! There’s sunshine here,” because I’d lived in Oregon for six years where it rains nine months out of the year! 

The shoot was amazing, though. It was six hours long for two days, food was catered, they treated me like a princess … I was like, “What am I doing in Oregon? Why am I in school? I need to move down to California right now and do this, because this is fabulous.” I went back to Oregon, lived out my lease for six months, packed up a van, moved to California and I’ve been doing it ever since.

XBIZ: So you just straight up dropped out of school?

Mac: Yep. And I’m so glad that I did. I really feel like I made the right decision. I have no regrets. 

XBIZ: And, considering the typical “lifespan” of an adult star can range from five to six months, to what do you attribute your career’s longevity? What do you think is the key to sticking around? 

Mac: A lot of girls get into the industry and just give everything away right away; they’ll do anal, they’ll do DP … and you can be one of those girls — take Asa Akira for example. She came in blades running, you know, did everything … and she is a superstar to this day. She’s been in, what, 10 years? Amazing. But, a lot of people aren’t as business-savvy or as smart as Asa Akira. They don’t have someone with them telling them how to run their business.

So, for me, I looked at Jenna Jameson, Jesse James … all these girls that maybe signed a contract, did girl/girl for a really long time, waited and saved things. So, I kinda thought I would come in and do girl/girl only and see how much work I could get just doing that. I stretched that out for almost three years. I was still getting work, but I got offered really great contracts and things like that to do boy/girl, and I was like, “Okay! I’ll move into that, but really slowly…”

I signed a contract with Digital Playground roughly in November of 2014. I always said I would only do boy/girl unless it’s a really great deal, and I would only do it the way I would want to do it. I was like, “Well, a Digital Playground contract … that would be amazing.”

I love Digital Playground, I love the features and I love the acting part of it. So, I did that, but I did only five boy/girl scenes in the span of eight months. Just to see if I liked it, and if I didn’t I could just go back to girl/girl.

Well, I ended up loving boy/girl. So I got off my contract and then I talked to my good friend, Greg Lansky.

XBIZ: How did you and Lansky become friends?

Mac: Well, Lansky really helped my girl/girl career. Before he had his sites, he shot for WeLiveTogether for Reality Kings. Melena Morgan was the WeLiveTogether girl, so when she quit the industry I took her place. I was never on contract with them, but I did 50-plus scenes for them. 

Then, Greg started his own site and we started talking. He said, “I would love to shoot you.” That first scene really blew me up. For Blacked. The scene was with Flash Brown. It was a “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” homage. After that, it really helped my career take off.

Since then, though, I’ve been holding out on a lot of things I haven’t done. I still haven’t done boy/boy/girl, anal … creampies … I’m going on five years, but I still have so much to give.

It’s like, why take the next step if I don’t have to? I’m just booking things, feature dancing … instead of just shooting myself out, you know? That way fans aren’t like, “Oh … it’s another boy/girl scene? Oh, it’s another girl/girl scene … I’ve seen this so many times.” I’ll even do some webcamming on the side.

So, just being really diversified and holding out, has really helped me prolong my career. That’s just what worked for me.

XBIZ: Tell us a little about your parody features. What was it like shooting “True Detective” which, of course, is why you won 2017 XBIZ Best Actress in a Parody. Do you prefer parody features?

Mac: What I prefer is to go in, do a project and make it a big deal. So, I do love gonzo scenes where you’re there for four hours and you leave … that’s fun, but when I get a script and need two weeks to prepare … I just love that. I love having to shop for wardrobe, getting fitted and stuff. I was a huge theater nerd all throughout high school. I was in all those cheesy musicals. 

For me, I really do love the features. I got my boy/girl start in feature movies, in Digital Playground, even though my biggest one definitely was “True Detective.” I did other features before that as well, but I was always the wife or the girlfriend or the lesbian girl in it, I wasn’t the star, so “True Detective” was my first big star role. 

And I still love doing features. I did another one recently for Stills by Alan. He wrote it and it’s his baby, and I’m the lead in it. It’s almost like a “Lost Boys” parody, vampire-ish.

XBIZ: What kind of emotions were coursing through you when you found out you won an XBIZ Award? 

Mac: Just getting nominated is enough for me, but I was not expecting it! I go into every show with low expectations, so I don’t get let down. My first year, I was like, “I got nominated! Oh my god!” And I didn’t get any award, and I was in tears … but that happens!

Everything I do, I do to try and get nominated. I push all my work to that level, where it’s like, I want this to be seen, I want this to be the best thing ever. I put my heart and soul into my work, so being nominated … I’m like, “Hell yeah!”

And when I won, it’s like … people are noticing. I feel so appreciated, and I feel the support from XBIZ, as well as the directors, people on set and the industry itself. I feel like you guys are on my side, it feels like a family. It brings a closeness to everything.

When people say, “Great job!” It’s an amazing feeling, but when it’s XBIZ saying you’ve done a great job … it’s, like, lofty! It’s like, “Oh my god! This big, huge thing that’s been around the industry forever is telling me I’ve done a great job.”

It’s just a great feeling. Gives you a little pep in your step when you walk out the door.

XBIZ: Going back, you mentioned Greg played a vital part in launching your career. How else has he influenced you or helped?

Mac: I have a very long history with Greg Lansky. He’s always been, not just someone who shoots me, but he’s been a friend. I’ve called him at night going, “Hey, this is the situation I’m in, what do you think about it?” He’s really kind of been a shoulder to lean on a little bit. He gives really, really good advice. He’s very business savvy.

I shot for Blacked a couple times, and then I did a shoot for Vixen. He called me a little after January and said, “You really, really supported me. I’d love to make you May Vixen. You really represent our brand well.” And I was like, “I would love to.” 

I mean, I think he’s taking this industry to a different level with something that has not been done before. He’s doing something in a really upgraded, elevated way, so I really love being a part of that.

XBIZ: Apart from Greg, who else in the industry do you admire, either as a friend or as a fellow colleague.

Mac: I feel like I look up to female performers more than anybody else. I am a female performer and when I see a woman who actually takes charge of her career and is very successful, it’s very liberating and empowering to me. I think this is one of the only industries that women are actually very in control of their lives and career, and I just think that’s amazing.

So, Romi Rain, who is my best friend … I really look up to her. She’s one of those people that we can just sit on the couch for hours and talk about life, our aspirations and what else we want to do with our future in this industry. 

I definitely think Kendra Lust is up there. She’s given me really great advice in the industry, but also about just living to be happy and doing whatever you want to do with yourself. 

Vanessa Veracruz is definitely up there. She’s my lovely little leztina. We just got “engaged.” I think Vanessa and I have done 28 or 29 scenes together. People in the comments went nuts. For years, people have asked us, “When are you two going to get married? We know the chemistry is real! We know you two are in love with each other.” So, yes I love Vanessa but I’m not in love with her! But, we talked to each other and were like, “We need to get married! We need to actually film this, and do a scene … do the honeymoon … do everything. Put it out!” And we did. I proposed at the beach, and she said “yes,” haha.

XBIZ: Speaking of girl/girl, how was the transition to boy/girl content? 

Mac: I remember sitting in my car the day of my first boy/girl scene, shaking. Saying, “Oh my god! What am I doing! This isn’t good for my career!” A lot of people don’t know, but I have been with the same person for nine years now. I did have, in the back of my mind, the thought about whether or not this would be good for my relationship. He was always completely supportive. He was literally like, “Just go! If you’re gonna do something, you might as well try to be the best at it.” He’s too amazing to even describe.

But, you always have those nerves. Like, “Are people going to like it? Am I going to do well?!” I requested Keiran Lee because he’s a friend of mine. I thought if I was going to do a boy/girl scene, he would be the easiest to do it with. I thought people would really like it, because they really like him as well.

And, I did my first scene and was like, “Oh … that’s it?” After that I was like, “Oh, hell yeah.” It was the easiest transition ever. It felt very natural, felt very organic. Like broccoli in my vagina!

I always said, though, that I would never do anything on camera that I wouldn’t off … so as long as I’m happy, and I still enjoy it, I’m going to put it on camera. That’s a big reason why I haven’t done anal on camera yet, because I have not mastered it yet in my personal life. I’m practicing, of course!

I really like the little “groundhog” aspect of it, you know, when they put it in a little bit and then take it out … then they put it in a little bit and then they take it out … I love that! But, I haven’t mastered taking the full dick in my ass. When I do, I’ll put it on camera.

You know, so many women watch my scenes … so what if I put it out there, and someone is like, “Oh gosh, she really looks like she’s not enjoying herself.”

I want women to watch me and think sex is amazing, it makes me feel great and I don’t have to be ashamed for loving it.

XBIZ: How do you know it’s more women watching your scenes than men?

Mac: Because whenever I feature dance, I get mostly women and couples. My lesbian DVDs sell out 10 times faster than my boy/girl ones. And yes, I do get a lot of men, it really depends on where I’m going, but in Pittsburgh, I get 80 percent women.

XBIZ: What titles, then, would you say have really put you on the map?

Mac: “A Wife’s Affair” for Girlsway definitely was one of my first biggest. “There’s Only One Abigail Mac” was my big girl/girl showcase. Then, Greg’s “Black & White Vol. 4” had my first IR. Those are kind of my biggest ones that everyone talks about.

XBIZ: What “first” do you plan to do next? Any in particular that are tickling your fancy?

Mac: My next will probably be boy/boy/girl and doing creampie. I think those are very special for me. I’d love to do a movie for someone where maybe I do a boy/boy/girl scene, a creampie scene … maybe a boy/boy/girl IR scene ...

XBIZ: I bet someone would pay a pretty penny for that!

Mac: Hey! It’s not all about money, you know? Sometimes it’s about how this is going to help my career. I’m serious! Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much money you get initially, but how it blows you up and how you can profit and expand that to make your career longer. It can help you get more work, or whatever. 

I have to look at the prospect in many different ways, because I am a businesswoman. There’s a lot of different ways I can do it you know? Like, one scene for someone or a showcase … but I definitely wanna do it before I get out of the industry.

XBIZ: Are there any directors you’re eyeing for the possibility?

Mac: Oh yeah. I mean, if I were to do a showcase, I’d love to do it with either Jules or Greg. They’re who I work with the most frequently, I trust them. I know them. They’re friends of mine. Anal, I would wanna do with Jules, Greg or Brazzers. I’m kind of loyal to the people that shoot me most. They feed me and they’re heavy hitters as well.

I would love to do more features for Wicked, too. I just finished a lead feature drama for them, for Ben Hoffman. I love him so much.

XBIZ: What social media platforms are you on and how do you use each one differently? 

Mac: I really just do Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat was my big hitter, but they deleted me recently, so I started another! It’s pretty easy to get Snapchat followers back. I’m not too worried about it.

XBIZ: Why did they delete you!?

Mac: You know what, I don’t know what I did. I didn’t post any nudity. But, a lot of girls say that even if you’re showing just cleavage, they’ll delete you. 

Twitter, I use more for my explicit stuff, because there’s less rules on Twitter. Snapchat was the one where I really showed my personality, which is kind of a bummer why it was deleted. I mean, people would be in the club and say, “I saw you on Snapchat! That’s why I’m here. You made me laugh, you’re fucking hilarious. And I just wanted to come by and get a snap with you.” 

I just try not to take myself too seriously, you know? It can’t be all about work, you have to live your life and you have to be you. A lot of girls are like, “I need to create a brand.” I’m like, “There is no creating a brand, you are the brand.” Who are you? If people love you or hate you, your personality, who you are, is your brand. Own it.

And that’s what I really tried to do on Snapchat, just be myself and say what I want to say. People really loved it, so I’m bummed that’s gone. But! I got the other one, and it’ll be the same. 

Instagram is the middle ground where I do kind of sexy, but I also do funny and a lot of promotion. They also have their “stories” now, so I’m starting to do my weird stuff on there. 

XBIZ: Are there any endeavors you’re dabbling with outside of adult?

Mac: I love YouTube! I do it when I have time. It’s hard with working and traveling, and doing all the social media. But I’m trying to get at least one to four YouTube videos up a month. I’d love to do, like, even a B-grade movie, an independent film … or something like that. Something where I can just really try something different. I love porn, I do not plan on quitting anytime soon. I’m extremely happy, but anything to do outside of the industry, whether it be mainstream or fitness, I’m always open to do anything. Even collabing with other people on YouTube. I’m always looking for new projects.

XBIZ: It’s no secret that your body is to die for. How do you stay in such incredible shape?

Mac: Well, I cook most of my meals at home! I think that’s number one. Don’t go out to eat as much. And when I do go out to eat, I always think about how I could make this at home and get it for much cheaper! Drink a gallon of water a day. That’s gonna help. And, of course, going to the gym. Find out what works for your body.

I know girls that go into the gym and can do cardio for 30 minutes and they’re good … my body does not change when I do cardio. I have to lift heavy weights. So, I go six times a week and I lift weights. I’ll usually do around four to five days of weight training. And then I will do about three days in there, of a little bit of HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio. 

XBIZ: Word online is that you’re a professional female wrestler. Is that a skill set you bring into your shoots?

Mac: Haha! Yes! I do female wrestling. It has helped so much. It helps with endurance. It helped a lot with my role in Brazzers’ “Power Bangerz.” I do fight scenes, and I’m like … I know wrestling code, I know wrestling moves … I know how to fake fight.

And then I did another parody for Brazzers, “Morricunt vs. Dr. Poon,” and I had to do a pretty intense fight scene and I was like … “I got this! I’ve done this a 100 times!”

That’s another thing, I do female fighting — we get topless, but there’s no sex involved. It’s just so different, and hilarious and fun. I can go there for four hours, I leave and I’m just laughing the whole time, and I’m getting paid! We’re, like, fake clotheslining people, putting them in chokeholds and flipping them over.

XBIZ: Hah! How did you get involved with this?!

Mac: Idelsy Love, who’s a fetish model, contacted me and she’s like, “Hey! I do this female wrestling kind of thing, would you wanna come in?” I was like, “You know, I’d love to but I’m not into fighting at all. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

She’s like, “It’s completely fake. It’s hilarious! You gotta come try.” And I trusted her. I went in and it was a hoot. And you do get a workout while you’re there. Like yeah, it’s fake fighting, but it’s throwing people around and getting sweaty.

Now I work for them a lot. When I did my taxes last year, they paid me more than anyone else did in the entire year. That’s how much I worked for DTWrestling.com.

XBIZ: What are some of your other revenue streams?

Mac: Most of my money comes from feature dancing and shooting, as well as my website and ChatStar.com. I started my own business too! It’s a vending machine company. Then, I’ve been investing in the stock market for some years now. I also do REIT (real estate investing). I have a lot of diversified income, not just from the industry. I make as much money as I can from the industry. I’ve become affiliates of the companies I shoot scenes for now too. I mean, anywhere I can make money. 

XBIZ: It’s pretty clear you have had a long, successful and colorful career. What does the future look like? What are your plans?

Mac: My plan is to keep doing exactly what I’m doing now. I just got invited to direct my first scene in the industry. I’ve kind of directed before, but this time I did a synopsis and I wrote the script. I’m very excited!

But the plan is definitely more firsts, get into directing, expand my business, expand my investment portfolio to where I can work a little bit less, and stay home a little bit more. And start living my life, traveling more, learning different languages and experiencing different cultures. Still being in the industry, but growing as a person! Oh, and winning more XBIZ Awards of course.