BMS Factory Debuts Touch by Swan

BMS Factory Debuts Touch by Swan

TORONTO — BMS Factory showcased the new Touch by Swan at this week’s ANME in Burbank, Calif., where the company says its debut received “incredible” feedback.

Swan products feature intense PowerBullet vibrations, creative designs and soft, smooth silicone. Touch by Swan features responsive touch control, which allows the user to control its vibrations and rotations, by swiping a finger over it. Touch will launch later this summer with three designs available in Purple and Teal.

Swan Squeeze Control also features its own intuitive technology that allows users to control the vibrations of their Swan by squeezing. With a slight touch, Swan Squeeze Control begins to vibrate. Keep squeezing to increase the vibration or soften the squeeze to lower it. The collection also allows the user to create their own vibration in Mimic Mode.

Pillow Talk is another new line from BMS. It consists of three shapes, two colors and a luxurious look complete with Swarovski crystals.

Commotion, which combines vibrations and prominent beads under a silky silicone finish, launches with two designs. Samba features a rippling pleasure system that generate waves up and down the shaft and comes with a new triple touch clitoral stimulator. Rhumba has multiple beads dancing up and down the shaft and is accompanied by a rabbit style clitoral stimulator with long ears to keep contact with the clitoris at all times.

Simple & True, the newly rejuvenated collection of quality, affordable toys and accessories, the award-winning PalmPower Massager, Wonderlust, Swan Wand and two new Swan Special Edition designs for the worldwide market (including North America) were also shown at ANME.

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