Dame Products Featured on NY Times, W Magazine

Dame Products Featured on NY Times, W Magazine

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — The New York Times and WMagazine.com recently profiled Dame Products’ co-founders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman.

In “A Wearable Vibrator for Couples,” NY Times writer Taylor Harris delved into the inspiration behind the company’s flagship product, Eva.

“Along with her [Janet Lieberman] business partner, Alexandra Fine, whom she met in 2014 through the social networking app Meetup, the pair set out to create a vibrator that was not only well crafted, but made specifically for couples, and women in particular,” Harris wrote.

“After dozens of prototypes, they came up with their design: an egg-shaped vibrator made of medical-grade silicone that attaches to a woman’s nether region by means of two wings," the article continued. "Not only can the device be operated hands-free, it is also designed in a way that does not interfere with a couple’s intimacy.”

Additionally, the article explains the duo’s mission moving forward. To read the full article, click here

WMagazine.com’s Emilia Petrarca offered a detailed look into Fine and Liberman’s backgrounds. 

“Lieberman, 31, who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering, realized the gap in technology herself after buying a now ex-boyfriend a vibrator for his birthday,” the W Magazine article stated. “Meanwhile, Fine, 29, who got her masters in clinical psychology from Columbia University and minored in gender and design studies as an undergraduate, was combining her seemingly-myriad interests in her own bedroom, building a makeshift vibrator using a half-dollar coin and cellophane. Desperate times, as they say.”

To read the article titled, “Introducing Dame Products, the Glossier of Female Vibrators,” visit WMagazine.com

For more information, visit DameProducts.com