TrafficForce Upgrades Advertiser Panel With Big Data Features

TrafficForce Upgrades Advertiser Panel With Big Data Features

LOS ANGELES — today unveiled a new suite of powerful analytics that turns big data into actionable intelligence on a real-time basis.

“What we launched is Phase 1 of our big data initiative empowering advertisers to view hourly data from top to bottom on each and every one of their campaigns, ad channels or ads any time,” said Ross of “In the upcoming weeks will be able to tell you even more about Phase 2, which will allow Advertisers to also implement hourly data on all targeting criteria throughout the platform. It’s a big change that turns heavy data loads into a huge plus instead.”

Ross said that continues to innovate and is tackling the unique challenges cause by what some might call “too much data” with smart solutions that harness all of the information available and turn it into a competitive advantage for clients.

“We have also streamlined the admin UI to make it more efficient and dynamic by allowing clients to change the display to match how they want to use it,” Ross said. “Now, what you see displayed is simpler and faster because you can turn off certain sections or data segments if you don’t believe they are necessary.

“Again, it’s all about making your data work for you without letting it overwhelm fast and effective decision making.”

Ross noted that TrafficForce serves more than 15 billion premium impressions each month from a network of top-tier publishers for media buyers and brand developers.