Yisela Avendaño Is Latest Model on FanCentro

Yisela Avendaño Is Latest Model on FanCentro

NEW YORK — FanCentro announced today that Colombian sensation Yisela Avendaño has joined its platform.

Avendaño follows in the footsteps of another Colombian star, Esperanza Gómez, on the FanCentro platform, which gives fans “unique access to the hottest Colombian models available anywhere in an instant,” according to FanCentro’s Andrea Fioriniello.

As a full-service turn-key solution, FanCentro makes it easy to monetize SnapChat traffic by creating a simple-to-use backend interface that allows stars to do it with just a few clicks.

An expert staff helps stars through the entire process and it doesn’t matter where they are from or what language they prefer, the FanCentro.com team is ready to help you make it easier than you’d ever expect, Fioriniello said.

“We are an international company, serving top models and brand new amateurs from around the globe,” Fioriniello said. “Colombia, Romania, the U.S., Russia, Germany … any language, any time zone, any nationality … our team is as diverse as the models we serve and the fans we entertain together. Contact us and we will have representatives fluent in your own language help you to create your own account so you can cash in on all the Snap traffic you may be missing out on right now.

“What's more, you can expect to see much more from FanCentro in the near future as additional social media platforms will continue to be added, new social media tools will be launched and a long list of major influencers come on board."

“When I thought about SnapChat I got excited,” Avendaño said. “I love the idea to connect direct with my fans and nobody in between us. The challenge was all the technical parts of making it work, but FanCentro.com solves all that for me and now I can just be myself with my fans and all the rest takes care of itself. All my fans are welcome to visit FanCentro.com/yiselavendano.”

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