Adult Sites Join Upcoming Net Neutrality 'Day of Action'

Adult Sites Join Upcoming Net Neutrality 'Day of Action'

WASHINGTON — Six adult websites are joining scores of other internet companies and public interest groups as they prepare for a net neutrality “Day of Action” next week., and, along with MindGeek-operated websites, and, are among entities with an online presence aiming to teach consumers about net neutrality and how Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits providers from treating service for different sites differently, protects them.

Net neutrality has serious implications for the adult industry, as well as for its consumers. Without it, ISPs could create special fast lanes for content providers willing to pay more. That could possibly mean slow streaming for those seeking out fast speeds to view porn.

President Obama led the reclassification of broadband as a telecom service under Title II, rather than an information service. Under FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, however, those rules may be overturned.

Participants of the “Day of Action” on Wednesday, July 12, plan to show consumers how their internet usage could suffer if that neutrality is taken away.

The “Day of Action” is being organized by Fight for the Future, which previously was part of similar online actions, including the blackout against the controversial SOPA anti-piracy bill.

“The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give big cable companies control over what we see and do online,” Fight for the Future said on its site. “If they get their way, they’ll allow widespread throttling, blocking, censorship and extra fees. On July 12, the internet will come together to stop them.”

Fight for the Future wants to encourage internet users to make their voices heard — and presumably contact the FCC — to prevent a proposed dismantling of existing net neutrality protections.

Fight for the Future is providing tools for companies, such as the four adult websites, to take action. Those tools include “spinning wheel of death,” “blocked” and “upgrade” alert modals via JavaScript code.

“On July 12, sites from across the web will display a prominent alert on their homepage that shows the world what the web will look like without net neutrality,” Fight for the Future said. “Plan to use the one that best fits your site to encourage users to send a letter to the FCC and Congress in support of net neutrality.”

PornHub Vice President Corey Price said, “It’s a fight worth fighting, and we’re excited to stand alongside industry leaders. I encourage all of our fans across the world to stand together on July 12 and help spread the word.”