BBC's 'Queer Britain' Checks Out Chaturbate's Cookie Cosmos

BBC's 'Queer Britain' Checks Out Chaturbate's Cookie Cosmos

LONDON — The BBC’s “Queer Britain” TV program recently featured an interview with U.K. cam broadcaster Cookie Cosmos as she streamed her Chaturbate show to hundreds of viewers.

The episode including Cookie Cosmos, titled "Inside Britain's Queer Porn Industry," is available only in the U.K. here. (A YouTube video of the episode was pulled in recent days and is now unavailable in the U.S.)

The show’s host, Riyadh, spoke with Cookie Cosmos about her sexual identity, the connection that camming allows a performer to create with the audience and her motivation in becoming a Chaturbate broadcaster.

"The reason I do cam porn is as a form of advocacy; people can talk to you and get an impression of your personality that is not possible in twenty minutes of videotaped sex," Cookie Cosmos said.

"I do not market myself as trans; I market myself as a woman who happens to have a penis. I avoid the terms that create conceptions based on porn marketing, which reduce people down to 'penis and boobs.' I want to provide content that is fun, interesting and respectful."

Riyadh responded emotionally to an interaction between Cosmos and a viewer that was considering transitioning.

"To have that one-to-one advocacy and help from someone who's done that journey before you is … is incredible. She's using her platform for good."

Pictured: Cookie Cosmos, left, with Riyadh