Buzzfeed Spotlights Feelmore Adult Gallery

Buzzfeed Spotlights Feelmore Adult Gallery

OAKLAND, CALIF. — Buzzfeed LGBT profiles Oakland-based queer-owned retail boutique Feelmore Adult Gallery in a video.

In the two-minute video, Feelmore founder Nenna Joiner says she opened the store six years ago, and that it carries traditional sex toys, as well as vintage pieces and artwork.

According to Joiner, the store draws a diverse customer base — from old to young.

“The simple matter of fact is everybody’s different and I think a lot of times when people come into sex stores they think that it’s only for girls — well, whatever that means,” Joiner said. “It’s for anybody who feels comfortable in however they express sexuality.”

Joiner says that because of the store’s minimal window displays, people don’t expect Feelmore to be an adult store.

“We want to enforce and emphasize that it’s more than just sex,” Joiner said. “This is a congregating place. We think that our representation is almost like a beacon of light, we let people know that you can be queer, you can be different.”

Joiner added, “When you leave a leave store or watching porn, what you should actually get is empowerment.”

To view the video, click here.